DrumLab not only offers the most comprehensive range of Drum study options & material available across all levels, but also features a unique multiple curricula exam-based structure – as well as a non-exam beginners programme called the DrumLab Launchpad.

All DrumLab faculty members are Distinction-grade graduates themselves, right up to Licentiate performance standard, and every DrumLab is equipped to cater for the two most popular exam-grade syllabus, Trinity College London, and Rock School UK, as well as the very successful and comprehensive internal DrumLab Curriculum – adaptable to students of all levels, right from the very beginner to Pro-Player standard.

DrumLab has, in the past four years of adopting Trinity London as it’s favoured exam-based curriculum, enjoyed a 100% pass rate across all grades, and has garnered the most Distinction & Merit-level Drum Kit graduates in Gauteng per-capita over this same period.

In the past few years, DrumLab students Shaun James and Emma Williams both achieved the award medal for highest Distinction marks in the province for Grade 8.

In addition to the complete Trinity & Rock School publications, DrumLab has sourced the very best printed and audio material from around the world and has possibly the most extensive library of books available to any Drums training institution. These include much of the literature used in most of the top American institutions, such as Berklee College, Boston and P.I.T. Percussion Institute of Technology, California, as well as other publications sourced in France, Germany and England.

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